Leg Strengthening HIIT Workout

Thanksgiving is almost here and Elf for Health continues to move along. I am so enjoying this challenge, and am looking forward to completing today’s task (new workout) after work. Since I did a lot of strength training for my arms on Monday, I want today’s workout to focus on legs – so I created a new HIIT workout to do just that:



Are you participating in Elf for Health? What new workout did you try today? 

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  1. If my thighs weren’t already on FIRE, I would try this! My elf sent me a great HIIT though that I’m going to do later today…when I’m less sore :)

  2. I did a new-to-me workout that consisted of 10 reps (10 in the first one, then 9, then 8…and so on) of the following exercises: jumping jacks, lunges, burpees, squats, and push-ups.

  3. My legs burn just reading this…HA!

  4. This looks great!!! Might have to switch a few exercises thanks to a leg injury but most of them I can do :)

  5. Sara says:

    This looks like a great workout! But, I don’t get how it’s a High Intensity Interval Training workout? HIIT workouts are periods of high intensity training followed by somewhat brief easier/rest periods. Still a great workout, I think it just may be titled wrong.


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